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A Dynamic Cross-border Advisory and Investment Platform
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Unique Business and Investment Solutions
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In the World of Options, Bundstone’s World Class Team Provides Value Added Guidance
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BUNDSTONE CAPITAL PARTNERS is an integrated investment and merchant banking group with a multi-strategy investment platform targeting China outbound and inbound cross border transactions. Dedicated to “bridge” China and the West in cross-border globalization through growth capital investments / co-investments, market advisory, joint ventures, M&A, and asset management services to create shareholder and platform value. We utilize our vast network of China and global relationships, strategic alliances, and deep industry vertical knowledge to identify companies with significant growth potential for investment and value creation opportunities.


The diverse team collectively holds experience in global and local investment professional and top industry management, to cross border investment opportunities Our unique value proposition is its strong ability to access and explore privileged and proprietary projects and build strategic value by integrating assets to create synergies for its stakeholders and investors


Strong funding resources through funds / institutions, family offices, ultra high net worth individuals, and principal direct investment fund Access to best in class quality enterprise Board members and senior financial and industry executives to formulate and execute plans Extensive pipeline of cross border high quality projects, which together have provided powerful/ support for investors and target investment enterprises

Industry Focus

Deep industry experience with a particular interest in Lifestyle, Media content, Medical Technologies, & Entertainment (LEMME) industries

Investment size ideally between US$100 million to US$1 billion control basis Special situations principal investments including early stage companies

Bundstone Introduction

Core Approach

We lead, invest, and innovate in cross-border globalization through four core principles that have defined out investment and business approach:


We have a strong understanding in developing a company’s value and wealth creation especially for China’s global position. Our firm practices a culture of teamwork, dynamism, and creativity to create “off market” opportunities between China and the rest of the world for long-term growth and success

Investment Capital / M&A

Our investments and M&A opportunities leverage our direct investment funds, vast China and global business networks, and high profile venture partners and portfolio companies to support long-term growth and market strategies


Our hybrid investment  and advisory platform capitalizes  on multi-investment channels  and  post-investment  China expertise to link our investments with strategic partners, alliances, and access to the vast Chinese consumers market.

Value-Added Advisory Service

Our business ecosystem and advisory services, we have a deep industry vertical knowledge to provide strategic guidance and value-add  services to navigate and bridge the complex China and global marketplace

Business Model efficiently capitalize on strategic investment and business opportunities that provide flexibility and access to our direct principal and fund investments and our vast partners networks throughout China and globally

Core Businesses include direct investment, investment banking (capital raising, M&A, and buyouts), asset management, and strategic  advisory with a focus in cross border consumer related industries primarily in lifestyle, media, medical technology, and entertainment areas

Conducted a value of over US$6 billion investments and advisory in global and asset management transactions

Our Team is a unique combination of experienced top tier global and local investment bankers, private equity, venture capitalists, and industry professionals with vast Greater China and local expertise

Access to privileged and off-market investment opportunities and to maximize value for companies, investors, and our strategic and limited partners with our proprietary global network and business ecosystem

We focus on creating value for our companies and partners for long-term  growth, expertise,  and market access with the right China and global strategy, partners, and alliances