Asset Management

Asset Management
Our asset management practice is client-focused to provide liquidity and reach optimal investment goals through a flexible outlet of capital groups, institutional investors, and bulge-bracket underwriters

Smart Money

Our network of partners, joint ventures, and tycoon families ensure premium off-market deal flow and a discriminating screening process that is in-line with the synergies of potential investors. We practice “smart” investing and utilize our China resources in the companies we believe can scale and grow

Synergistic Partnerships

We bring co-investment and network partners with global exposure
and deep industry intelligence to the assets and portfolio companies
under our management  These entities  play an active role in the China expansion strategy  beyond capital investment

Market Resources

We provide a spectrum of industry specific  resources including sourcing, production,  marketing, logistics,  R&D, and quality assurances. Our philosophy of a “hands on” approach with our asset management practice allows  us to be pro-active and deliver high investment returns to our partners and investors

Agility & Flexibility

We maintain a balance of flexibility and vision. Global market and industry trends evolve and change quickly. We take the initiative to maintain a clear focus on developing trends in order to reach and plan investments in real-time across a diverse range of companies and industries