Financial and Strategic Advisory Services

Financial and Strategic Advisory Services
Our team is comprised of a balance of investment and capital market leaders with real-world industry operators and executives. With a deep expertise and vertical knowledge of core industries coupled with experience in global and China investment professionals helps clients to create business and investment values through business and investment strategies

Corporate Finance / Capital Markets

We advise private and public companies seeking to raise investments.Corporate Finance: private companies seeking growth capital, pre-IPO investments, and other investments. Capital Markets: IPO sponsors and guidance and public companies following-on and PIPE investments

Investment Cycle

We work alongside our investors, joint ventures, and our partners to develop the right investment thesis and post-investment / post-acquisition China strategies to reach target returns and timing

Strategic Planning

Our global team is a blend of business and investment professionals to create a hybrid practice of analytical and real-world business experience that can execute strategic implementation. We provide more than advisory – but the needed action to make a plan work.

Global Experience

China Market Strategy. Our advisory practice has highly experienced cross-border experience in navigating Western companies through the complexities in accessing the China market. With capital, we provide cross-border China expertise and in-depth analysis and research into market entry strategy and China-based expansion.