Our Business Overview

Our Business Overview
We provides a customized business approach and solution that leverages our resources and network in investments and China-based full life-cycle value added services. Our firm’s four primary lines of business includes:

Direct Investments

We directly invest as principal or co-investor with one of opportunity and M&A funds through Chinese cornerstone investors I partners and commercial alliances to optimize business investment success.

We also raise capital for our clients through our vast network of China and global investor base

Mergers & Acquisitions / JV

We provide strategic buyout and acquisition investment strategies on leading Chinese and international companies both on a buy and sell side advisory roles. We work with clients to formulate strategy, identify targets, execute investment, and post merger integration management. We may also participate as a co-investor in a minority stake.

Financial and Strategic Advisory

Our team is comprised of a balance of investment and capital market leaders with real-world industry operators and executives. Our team of professionals have a deep expertise and vertical knowledge of core industries coupled with experience  in global and China investment professionals helps clients to create business and investment values through business and investment strategies.

Asset Management

We work closely with investors and clients to ensure success is aligned.

Our global team pays careful and diligent focus on risk & return profile, capital structure, China market expansion  strategy, and investment requirements to allow multiple exit opportunities for the assets under our management.


Our Direction Approach

Investment Approach

We invest, co-invest, and advise in later stage companies with a core intent related to or in the China market. in order to align our investments with the success of a China market launch and realize the value and returns on investment.

Industry  Specific

Investing into industries that compliment our portfolio and network. We target companies in our core industries that we can play an active role and be of strategic value to expand and implement in China on a post acquisition  basis.

Competitive Differentiation

We value strong intellectual property, proprietary know-how, and global brands. In a country like China, competitive differentiation is a key investment criteria in an overly competitive and saturated market.

Strong Management

We invest in people align management and ownership for growth and scale. Our investment philosophy is management centric. A strong management is essential in not only providing leadership.

Company Size

Mature, prominent growth companies in industry-specific sectors that can benefit with international growth. We value strong management and infrastructure that have the ability and vision to leverage our network, international, and China access.

Scalable Business

We value scalable business models that transcends into the Chinese market and audience. China’s emerging middle class includes a booming 18-49 age group demographic that have a high adoption and appetite for US / Western content and technologies.

China Story

We value the ability to create a China story with the capital and operational support to succeed. We leverage our network and relationships to partner with and cultivate a China market entry strategy and investment plan for US / Western companies.